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Rwan Ezzat, DPT

Meet Rwan, a dedicated physical therapist who graduated from Misr University for science and technology with a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy. Rwan has always had a passion for helping people and improving their overall health and well-being. Rwan is fluent in both English and Arabic. After completing her studies, Rwan pursued her interest in pelvic floor physical therapy and has been continuing her education to specialize in women’s health. She also has experience in sports rehabilitation, having worked with a variety of athletes from different age groups applying techniques from functional movement systems courses. Rwan continues to further her training in pelvic health and manual skills through the Herman and Wallace Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Institute. Rwan has worked with women with a variety of diagnoses and conditions including postpartum moms looking to get back to running without leaking, women with chronic pelvic pain syndromes, incontinence, or neuralgias, prolapse, sexual pains, constipation or bowel dysfunction, and everyone in between. Rwan is here to help.